Individual Therapy

As the name suggests, individual therapy is all about the individual patient. People seek professional help for various mental health concerns. Some of our specialties include depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar, mood disorders, anger management and personality disorders.

Therapy sessions typically last about 50 minutes and the frequency of appointments will depend on your specific treatment plan. Regular attendance is highly recommended so that we can work together toward the fastest path to recovery.

Our therapists use a variety of treatment methods including, psychotherapy (talk therapy), art therapy, sand tray therapy, mindfulness, Theraplay techniques and group therapy. When you come to HHS, you will be treated with kindness, respect, and understanding. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable setting so that you can work through issues at your own pace. Our therapists are here to engage you, be supportive and provide positive challenges and encouragement along the way. We understand that pain is real, but so is hope – and we strive to provide you the hope that you need in order to move toward a healthy future. 

Group Therapy

Several times each year, we offer groups on a variety of topics. These topics include, Anger management, Dialectical Behavior Therapy for those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Parenting skills and other topics as the need arises.

Relationship Therapy

Relationships with loved ones should provide both parties with joy and fulfillment. If you find that you are struggling with hurt feelings and negativity in your relationship, HHS is here to help work through the daily struggles and pain that often plague the connection between people. Let us help you learn to communicate in a positive way so that hurt can be overcome and a positive relationship can be formed. 

Community Integrated Living Arrangement

This program provides 24 hour residential services to 22 adults who have a persistent mental illness. Many of our residents have lived independently in the past and need a little help to get back on track. Others come to us from residential programs, state hospitals, or after living with parents / caregivers. We provide case management, therapy, independent living skills, community outings and a wide variety of other services to help them on their road to recovery and independence. 

Community Integration Services

These rehabilitative group services provide activities for adults living with persistent mental illness. Participants include those who live in our CILA facility as well as community members who could benefit from the services. Groups meet five hours per day four days per week and are offered at our Effingham location. Group topics include, but are not limited to: Cooking for one, grief and loss, trauma, spirituality, community volunteering, exercise, and menu planning.

Case Management Services

This program provides individuals with mental illness the opportunity to meet with a case manager who can assist them in accessing local resources. Our case managers are adept at navigating social security, Medicaid, public assistance, the court system and any other system that potentially causes stress to an individual. Likewise, they are well versed in other programs, such as FISH, Catholic Charities, SWAN and many others that can provide supportive services to those in need.