HHS offers Level I outpatient treatment services for individuals. We conduct DUI evaluations and provide risk education classes as well. We offer groups twice weekly in order to work with our clientele on their schedules. Groups are offered during the mornings and early evening.

Addressing an individual's struggle with substance abuse means understanding all the factors involved and developing a comprehensive treatment plan. Heartland Human Services offers substance abuse treatment for adults and families in a friendly environment. Our board certified psychiatrist, counselors, and social workers provide the highest quality of care and tools to help you live life well in recovery.

Hope is a powerful word. It brings people into treatment and helps keep them there — even when it's hard. At Heartland Human Services, we take great care in creating a hopeful, supportive environment that fosters healing. We offer a continuum of evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders.

We provide an array of therapies to enable our clientele to meet their goals / needs to the best of their abilities such as Solution Focused Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, REBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Anger Management, Mindfulness and Group Therapy.

On Monday mornings our Substance Use Disorders group is offered. This group discusses topics pertaining to SA disorders and the consequences to use; such as effects on family and the individual themselves; along with ways to get sober and stay sober. Discussion of sober / leisure / healthy activities are discussed as well. Topics are discussed on the positives to sobriety and what meetings are offered in the local area, etc.

Our Thursday evening group focuses on Relapse Prevention. Discussions focus on ways to prevent relapse along with what individuals have been through in their own use and what works for them. They have discussion of triggers to use and ways to avoid people, places and things that can trigger one to use.

We focus on the individual and their positive qualities to enhance their ability to meet their individual goals and improve their overall quality of life.

Our therapists are here to engage you, be supportive and provide positive challenges and encouragement along the way. We understand that pain is real, but so is hope – and we strive to provide you the hope that you need in order to move toward a healthy future.